Cultivating the Vines

When cultivating our vines, our sole driving force is the need to obtain really healthy grapes and great ripeness.
Our vines are pruned during the coldest periods of the year.  We prefer quite long canes, which allow us to eliminate some intermediary buds, airing the vegetation once spring has come and cutting the risk of developing vine diseases.

‘Lutte raisonnée’ (supervised control) – we adapt our vine treatments according to the true threat of disease, using products which respect the environment as much as possible.  Chemical products are only applied if necessary and not systematically.

Green harvesting before hand-picking the grapes ensures that the quantity and quality of our produce is controlled.  Reducing the number of bunches of grapes allows those remaining to benefit from greater nourishment from the vines and to therefore have a higher concentration of sugar and polyphenols, while encouraging a balance of acids.



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Fabienne Bony, viticultrice, vous accueille en Bourgogne dans son domaine de Nuits-St-Georges.